Affogato     6.50
Vanilla ice cream with hot espresso and a touch of whipped cream

Bread Pudding   7
Gotta have it!  Served warm with vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel sauce

Chez's Top Hat   6.50
Homemade fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup

Chocolate Truffle Mousse    7
Light and airy chocolate perfection

Creme Brulee   6
Traditional French custard with crisp caramel shell

Homemade Apple Pie   6
Cooked to perfection - ala carte
Add 1.50 for ala mode

Mud Pie   7
Homemade with cookie bottom, mocha almond ice cream and fudge, fudge, fudge!

New York Cheese Cake   6.50
Rich and old fashioned

Tiramisu   6.50
Delicate flavorings of sponge cake, cream and a hint of espresso

Tartufo di Limoncello   6.50
Icy lemon truffle - a great alternative to creamy desserts

Zabaglione   8
Traditional style - egg yolks whipped and cooked in a copper pot with just the right amounts of sugar, marsala, lemon and  vanilla - served warm
Vanilla and Spumoni Ice Cream   4

Specialty Coffee                                                        
Espresso   3.25 
Espresso with Grappa   8      
Cappuccino   3.25            
Cafe Latte   4      
Cafe Mocha   4    
Hot Chocolate   3.50